We offer complete yagya services, including Jyotish-based yagya recommendations. We welcome you as part of our spiritual family. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to ask! . We carefully perform our yagyas with dedication and love for each individual soul. We see each person as a reflection of the universe in which God resides. Hence we perform each yagya as if it were for God himself. 

In Sanskrit, the word Jyotish is translated as “light” or “brightness.” It refers to the system of astrology rooted in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. Because the heavenly bodies reflect the laws of nature, the laws of nature which are currently most lively can be known from the current positions of the heavenly bodies. Those same laws of nature play out in our lives. The science of Jyotish gives us an insight into the laws of nature that affect human life as well as the ability to understand and predict the unfoldment of human life based on the observation of the movements of the planets. Vedic astrologers or jyotishis are masters of this science.

Our services


We require the date, time, year, and place of your birth. Sometimes people are suffering without knowing the reason. Our Jyotish master will make the calculations and make personal suggestions for yagyas to relieve suffering and create fulfillment of desires.


We are extremely happy to impart these blessings to you. Since we are all one, anything we do for you impacts us equally and brings blessings to us as well.  All yagyas are broadcast on Zoom.  We give you the dates and times of your yagyas.. READ MORE…


We are a team based in Haridwar, an auspicious city in India which is within a 200-meter walking distance from the Holy Ganges River, the site of the original yagyas which were performed many thousands of years ago. According to Vedic scriptures, at the Ganges River rim in Haridwar, the effect of Rudrabhishek yagya is thousands of times more powerful than yagyas performed in most other places. Haridwar is also a “Shakti Peetha” – a seat of Devi/Mother Divine. Yagyas related to Mother Divine are many times more powerful when they are performed in a Shakti Peetha. READ MORE…